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There are only 2 O2 sensors, one before and one after the catalytic converter.

Did you clear the code after you did all of those things?

This as close to the code I can find on the Ross-Tech wiki (they don't have p0170 listed but they do have P0171). Might help you out. You probably want to find someone around with Vag-Com. I know there is a decent group VW owners in the Charlotte area. If you head over to NCDubs.org, you can probably find someone who can give you a hand.

16555/P0171/000369 - Fuel Trim; Bank 1: System Too Lean
Possible Causes

* Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70) defective
* Intake System Leak(s)

Possible Solutions

* Check Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)
* Check Fuel Pressure Regulation
* Check Fuel Pump
* Check Injectors
* Check Intake System for Leaks
* Check Exhaust System for Leaks
* Check Secondary Air System for Leaks
* Check Vacuum Pipes for Leaks
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