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Just thought i might help some people out. I got a check engine light the other day on my 99 beetle 2.0. So i hooked my code reader up and got a P0116 code. Which has something to do with the cooling system. I searched around on here and found a few different causes. One person said check your water pump. I just had a new timing belt and water pump put in a few weeks ago. Plus i didn't have the over heating light come on. So i ruled that out as being the cause. Then i read about replacing the ECT sensor. So i called napa and they had one. I installed that and cleared my code. It has been a few days now and the check engine is still off and the bug seems to be running as it should! And it was easy to replace. Hopefully this post will help someone who gets that code. I know that it is hard pin pointing a problem on here because most people never report back to tell everyone what fixed there problem.

5/23/10 <3
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In case anyone searches this in the future, here is the specific info on the code, which points to the CTS:

16500/P0116/000278 - Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (G62): Implausible Signal
Possible Symptoms

Starting the engine when engine is warmish or warm, idle rpm immediately is 1200 - 3000 rpm.
Diesel: an indication is extreme long time burning time of the glow indication light.
With all engine temperatures seldom idle rpm will vary between 900 - 1000 rpm.
With engine warm (90 °C) the engine temperature suddenly drops (70 °C) and slowly comes back to 90 °C.

Possible Causes

Wiring and/or connections faulty
Engine Coolant Sensor (G62) faulty

Possible Solutions

Check wiring and connections
Replace Engine Coolant Sensor (G62)
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