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Greetings- am trying to find color code for a very, very light cream (with little, little hint of tan) color I've seen on several newer convertibles. Maybe on other models also- just don't recall seeing those, though. Have contacted dealer/autopaint stores to no avail. Here's the closest I've found:

JuggBug's NB ~ '06 Harvest Moon.

I think this Harvest Moon Beige (code LB1M) was available 2003-10. Seems like some of the ones I saw were newer, but can't confirm. Circumstances didn't allow for me to personally follow/contact vehicle, etc.

Is it possible VW offered some custom colors not in their chart books?

I certainly would appreciate if anyone can help/input here.

Thank You... Regards, John H ps- have gone to paintref.com & they're good, but some colors/shades are hard to differeniate...
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