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Computer issue

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I own a 2002 Beetle Sport.

My car died last week and has been in the shop ever since! Initially they thought it was a fuel pump issue, now they have determined that it is not the fuel pump but an issue with the computer.

They say that the "computer is not communicating with the fuel pump" and that they do not have any clue how to fix it.

I live in North GA in a really rural area, the likelihood of me finding an experienced VW mechanic is extremely unlikely.

Can anyone offer me some guidance with this?
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The engine speed sensor is a common item that fails and can seem like the fuel pump:


Did the car fail to start one time, or did it die while you were driving? Have you ever experienced sudden stalling or momentary power loss?
I'd get a second opinion from a repair shop that knows VWs.
Did they check the fuel pump relay? Did they scan for codes?
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