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Ok, I am sure this has been covered so maybe Someone will direct me but to get it started here we go. Just picked up a 05 2.0 auto car, 98k miles and runs great...big issue is code 1314. Seems like a hard code in the ecu or something has failed keeping it alive. Car does run and drive but wants to go into limp in. The other code was 1045, triptronic switch f189. That code cleared but have not tried driving. I have seen comments concerning the shift indicator and issues there. The cluster shows appropriate selection and scan tool as well. I do notice the all red leds are illuminated all the time, I thought they lit as gear was selected. Also the "foot on brake" leds do not illuminate all all. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance1314
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Always use the Ross Tech Wiki; to look up trouble codes:

Just dealt with the tiptronic switch issue; on a 2005 Convertible with the 09G Tiptronic 6 speed trans. In my case, the selector/switch/assembly; was broken and the magnets were gone. Replacement of the assembly; solved the issue and I super glued the magnet in place, for good measure, as per the VW tech bulletin. After installing a new selector assembly, I used VCDS by Ross Tech, to reset the codes and the trans kickdown settings. Then, I took it for a test drive; the shifting issues, went away, no trans codes or illuminated lights in the speedo, the shifting is vastly improved and it seems, that transmission is doing fine.

As to the ecu related code; don't worry about it for now, I had similar codes and replacing the trans/gear selector assembly, has seemed to clear that up and a number of other codes. Keep in mind, if there is a major failure of a particular component; it can cause, the communications bus, to go down and throw, a number of codes, indicating the communication of modules, including the ecu, has stopped. Unplugging, repair or replacement of the offending part; tends, to allow the communication bus, to come back online and things, tend to work ok, after that, plus the resolution of the initial problem, as well, helps get everything back to normal. If things are really screwy; a "hard reset", of th ecu, can cure things, at times.

So, you have your work cut out for you; testing with VCDS and checking for codes, can be helpful diagnosing problems. Read up on the tech bulletin, for the trans selector and you may need to pull the center console to get to it and possibly, glue magnets, that may have fallen off or the whole assembly, may need to be replaced with a good used or brand new one. Let us know, how things go and report back, as your troubleshooting, needed repairs, move forward. We can go from there, thanks! :)
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Thanks billymade, I feel I'm overthinking it anyways. I feel pretty sure (hope) that once i repair or possiblly replace the shifter/magnet issue things will smooth out. This is about the 5th new beetle i have picked up and all have had some type of tedious things but this one is a first. I'll update as I go.
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How about this. Upon further research I realized the shifter is missing parts....that would be my tiptronic code. I'm going to replace and see if that will kill that hard code in ecu. I will update.
Interesting! That was EXACTLY, the same issue with the 05' I am working on; the magnets were missing and other parts of the slider, other parts of the assembly, were gone/missing. I swapped in a good one, did the kick down rest with VCDS and all the codes cleared, the car shfits fantastic, now! Hopefully, this will be the same fix your you! :)
Fingers, toes and any other appendages I can cross. Trying to get my hands on a good w/o paying 300.00
So I got a used shifter assembly, still costly at 115.00 but hey, it's still cheaper than new and warrantied. I have the interior pulled out cleaning everything so I have not driven but with the new (used) tiptronic plate installed the hard code in the ecu is gone..YEA!!!!!. So hope to get test drive in this weekend and will confirm all is good. Now just need to find a decent drivers seat or covers, this one has cracks but the rest are perfect.
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Thats great news! I just serviced the 09G tiptronic trans with a fluid/filter kit from blauparts.com; definitely improved the shifting quality and performance, highly recommended! :)
So I need some help. I found a missing fuse that that was causing all of the issues related to the short to ground codes. Guess it pays to check and double check. Now.......trans solenoid issues. Bought new solenoids ( eBay unfortunately) , new filter, fluid, pan gasket. The new solenids are different numbers and colors so I have no idea if I have them in the correct places. Does anyone know if the linear solenoids are the same?
Maybe this video will be helpful?

Thanks billymade. I have watched this video several times and they offer replacement solenoids for around 300, but my cheap ass bought a set for about 120.00. Needless to say I had an issue. While my understanding is that all the linear solenoids, except the last are the same, only 3 had the correct color connectors. After install no reverse so I dropped it again and swapped 2 solenoids, the gry and brown plug, thinking they may be different. Still no reverse and a hard drive engagement. Soooo....I have now ordered a Transgo kit and will attempt and solenoid rebuild on the originals since I know they operated well cold. Thank god I got this car cheap.
Well, most people around here; typically, bought a fully rebuilt, tested and warranted 09G valve body with positive results. You are the first, that I can remember; of someone, who actually, tried to "rebuild/replace" parts in the valve body itself and work through, whatever it takes, to try to make it work right. I haven't replaced the solenoids myself; so, cannot offer any experienced based advice. That being said, I have seen some things and resources online; that might be helpful, in your valve body r/r process.

Here is the service manual; which has diagrams on placement of the solenoids and wiring to them, which might 'id them, help you with replacement and correct placement for them:

vw self study program; for the 09g:

many downloadable manuals specific to the 09G and the valve body online:

Hiram, a trans pro tech on youtube; has repair 09G videos and transgo shift kit install info as well:

Another video about replacing the solenoids on a new beetle:

Let us know, how things go; as you move forward with your troubleshooting and repairs. Thanks.
It's perfectly ok to say I am a [email protected]$$ sir. Like I said it was a cheap car so I can spend a few bucks....I looked into the reman units but most were 600 and up. We have rebuilt several of them here at our shop but it is my first attempt so here's to learning. If all goes well I will only have about 216.00 over a standard service.
No criticism here; just sharing, what people on this site, have done and what worked out for them. When you get a rebuilt, tested and warranted valve body, the rebuilder has the responsibility to guarantee it works and you can concentrate on removal and correct installation. When you r/r things on your own, you have make it work and deal with all the challenges, that are involved in that repair process.

For the average diy'r; just replacing the valve body is probably the way to go but for the more adventurous, a diy rebuild, can certainly be less expensive option. If you have the time, experience and ability to do that kind of repair, working in a pro shop, that has done the same work before, is defintiely a help and I assume, you probably have others there to look over your shoulder as you working things out. Keep us in the loop and it sounds like you are in the pro repair trade, so, you will probably figure it out! r/r'ing things yourself, can be much cheaper monetarily; it can be a fun and satisfying, when things finally work! :)

This type of thread, can be very helpful and the next person, who attempt this, will be able to learn from your experience. Thanks for sharing!
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Finally got OLE BESSIE done. Trans solenoid fix worked well. Does take some drive time to relearn the pattern though. So new headliner, paint and install door panels
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Volkswagen new beetle Volkswagen
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Volkswagen new beetle Volkswagen
, completely remove interior, clean all the soft touch crap, replace triptronic shifter, tran solenoid rebuild, headlights, alloy wheels and spoiler from donar car and a fuse. Lots of labor but heck, keeps me home and from running the roads. I've added a few pics before and after.


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Nice, work! Congrats on a job well done! :)

You might try the trans kick down reset procedure; seemed to help, once I replaced the Tiptronic selector, that was bad on the 09G: (you might clean and do the throttle body alignment first):

PS: what did you have to do; to get the solenoids to work and the valve body, to function as it should? Was there any specific problems or issues; that you had to resolve, to finally fix the original problems (new solenoids, shift kit, wiring harness, etc)? This info, can be helpful; to the next person with similar issues, who may end up reading this thread. Thanks.
So I tried a set of "reman" solenoids and had different issues. Originally, after the triptronic issue, it had a hard, and I mean hard 2-3 and 3-4 shift. I ordered the Transgo shift kit off line, it was about 70.00 cheaper than the local transmission parts supplier (Ebay for roughly 86.00) Pretty simple fix if you have some decent mechanical knowledge. The coating in the solenoids wear and as the valves get hotter they swell and stick in the solenoid body. The kit basically reams them out. Also there are two small holes in the valve body itself that get enlarged so to increase fluid pressure. I bought new valve body gaskets but if they don't tear you are good. They are a PITA to remove. Obviously I never even thought about a premapped relearn so I did it old school. DRIVE IT. It took about 20-25 miles of stop and go but it fell into a great shift pattern.
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