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Congo African Grey parrot- $800

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unfortunately we have to part with our sweet parrot "Lessie Lou" due to the wife's health problems. She is a DNA sexed 8 y/o female, very tame & friendly & LOVES to talk & learn tricks. Links to her video clips on YouTube are here:
My sweet talking african grey parrot; clip 1 - YouTube
my sweet talking african grey parrot; clip 2 - YouTube
We are located in upstate/central NY, and for $800 you get her, a huge cage, all food/toys/books & a nice travel cage. She says phrases like: "what does a kitty say? meow!", "here kitty kitty kitty", "go take a shower", "want some apple?", "good job!",etc. & calls her own name. She eats zupreem pellets, likes most veggies & a few fruits & nuts. Any questions please reply in post here or PM me. Hopefully posting this is allowed; however if not please PM me first before deleting the post. Thanks for looking!
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Good luck with the sale!

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Thank you! I have her ad in the local Want Ad Digest & had 3 people call & express interest in here & 1 of them was supposed to call & pick her up today but I never heard from him :(
Someone is supposedly on his way to buy Lessie & give her a good home! The wife is a bit nervous about letting a stranger into the house; hopefully this will all go smooth & easy. Wish me luck!
Lessie Lou is on her way to a new home! I already miss her, however it is the right thing to do.:crying:
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