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Aimee M.
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Exterior Personalizations HERE
Covered interior parts
volkswagenb407 flannel interior
ScarabY2k Seat cover piping
CoriBug dash bar wrap
CoriBug dead pedal cover
Scarab Y2k created emblem
Floor Mats
MichelleRoze Monster mats
D2Beetle flannel
Baby Sallie embroidered logo (scroll down)​
Coribug LED reading/dome
Painted Interior Parts
Scarab Y2k Pinstriping
IggysMom green dash
caherbst purple dash
MichelleRoze blue door trim pieces
MichelleRoze silver center dash
MichelleRoze blacked interior
MichelleRoze Alpine 1 , and 2
Roll Cage
dtm kafer roll cage!
dtm kafer replaced
CoriBug seat covers
MichelleRoze replaced, front too
Shift Knob
Scarab Y2k shift knob
Beetlescott decklid storage

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(I'm in the process of going through individual gallery threads. I'm crawling through Buttercup's right now. Holy cow 137 pages!! Then I plan to post a list of what I've found to help direct people to the various examples of customizations that have been done. :D
Huh??? What???....:dunno:

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Great idea! There's nothing like going through pages and pages to find a few ideas! I'm all for saving time!

Mods I've done that are more unique:
Air cooled horn (no picture)
Grab bar wrap with Daisy embroidered on it
LEDs replaced interior lights
Wet Okole seat covers in blue

I have front clear corners and 3D badges but that's not really "unique".


Worry less, drive more
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Daisy wrap


Aimee M.
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Interior Personalizations HERE

Beetlescott stubby
RedDragon shark fin
zrods13 stubby

IggysMom painted VW
Beetlescott 2.0
mattyd2009 Limited Edition
MichelleRoze TDI
Brake Calipers
IggysMom painted pink
swimbug painted red
dtm kafer eclipse
Corner Lights
Beetlescott clear
CoriBug clear
MichelleRoze LED
RedDragon dual pipes
Sukhoidave side graphics
Baby Sallie pin striping 1, and 2, and 3
IggysMom painted
Chef Nails eyelids
Sukhoidave painted recess
mattyd2009 eyelids
DAISSYBUG long thin eyelashes
Baby Sallie pin stripe eyelashes

Freaky Beetle Herbie beetle
Sukhoidave underglow
Baby Sallie underglow
MichelleRoze LED tag lights

Sukhoidve white hood
mattinokinawa black with green sides
volkswagenb407 plasti-dipped
CoriBug wind deflector
Sukhoidave Tezza
mattyd2009 taillights
mattinokinawa blacked out
DAISSYBUG flower covers
MichelleRoze [/url=]taillights x2[/url]​
Tow hook
IggysMom painted
Under Car
CoriBug DieselGeek
Under Hood
IggysMom painted caps
MichelleRoze tattoo, updated with red
Valve Stem
Beetlescott VW caps
CoriBug VW caps
Beetlescott chrome
Abbie2007Beetle plasti-dipped
zrods13 painted black
Window Tint
MichelleRoze tint

Worry less, drive more
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The LEDs are a lot brighter than the OEM lights and they are easy to install, except for the trunk light (major pain and I blew a fuse). Here's a pic of Daisy in my employers garage, all lights off and no flash.


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This thread could be an entire website unto itself! Here's two of my more recent mods. I made angry eyelids awhile back using DupliColor taillight tint, and I decided recently to remake them using carbon fiber look vinyl wrap, they turned out nice. I originally bought a pair of pre-made angry eyelids from webxtremes but the product they sent me was garbage. The pieces were cut different, one much wider than the other and they were two different lengths. Both pieces also came with creases and bubbles in them. I got no response from their customer service at all, so they are on my permanent 'no buy' list.

I also added new floor mats with VW logos. They are anthracite grey but they look much different with the footwell LED's I fabricated awhile back.


Aimee M.
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added to the list in progress on my pc... :D will make it to the first post list soon...
EDIT: ok... so originally I was going to skip certain mods like clear corners and such... simply because if you don't snap a picture of it and specifically tell everyone you did it, there are mods like that which I would completely miss. I thought more common things like that didn't need to be included. But then IggysMom had wonderful pictures of painted calipers- a very common mod. So I HAD to include links to that.

But uh... sorry Cup, I'm not going back through your thread for a little bit to find links to yours! Unless someone will be so kind as to reply with them.
I'm sure I must have missed them in whoever else it included in the list already. Sorry. Maybe later.

I'm using the "previous thread" button to move backwards through the list, so if someone bumps one I might miss it. Since I think that might happen, I'll be sure to try and check new posts in the gallery thread to hopefully not skip over bumped threads. I think that might work?

Aimee M.
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Well. I found out that method won't work. Somehow I was skipping threads that way, even when I was past the first few that got bumped up.

Instead, I've copied a list of the first 20 pages in the gallery forum and I'll just work my way through them and cross out as I go. That way I know which ones I've gotten and which I might have missed.

I already hit the character limit. I knew I should have reserved a few of the first posts. Instead, I've provided a link to connect them, and divided by interior and exterior (so far).
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