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Continued saga of CEL/ EPC/warning light!.....

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After thinking that I had fixed everything....I went back to mechanic to have codes checked and CEL deleted to see if it would keep going. It died and had to have a jump to start... I then went and had a new battery installed ($110.) since old one wouldn't charge... drove it one more day, CEL came back on. Had small antifreeze leak and bought $50. hose for that...Yesterday, drove it 30 miles, stopped for an hour, started it... all lights CEL/EPC/warning came back on... limpmode AGAIN!!! Sputtered and smoked a little when starting back up. Shut it off for a few mins... started it and drove home cussing like a sailor.

I will put the hose part on, some new plugs and ignition coils, maybe a fuel filter???? I am thinking this accelerater issue seems like it is not getting fuel or power.???? any thoughts??? thanks in advance..
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What codes are you getting?
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