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Hello All -

Just noticed a continuous "beep" in my wife's 2008 VW Beetle convertible. Very audible. Not just from the interior but from 10 ft+ away. Not the horn, not anything close to the "put your seat belt on" or turn signal beeps. This beeps every 30 seconds (timed it with a stop watch). It's not anything we've ever heard before and we've had the car ~ 3.5 years.

The "beep" is single, continuous noise while the car is BOTH parked without a key or driving (road noise does diminish the sound, but it's still there if you sit at a light with no radio while in drive)

I have a "scan tester" (OBD-II) and no error's came up. I looked under the hood and nothing seemed out of place (oil spraying, etc...).

I was going to start by removing the battery and sanding / cleaning the terminals. Pure guess. Any comments or suggestions?


George J. Zeck
[email protected] mail dot com
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