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Hey guys~
I've got a loose REAR door panel in my 03 convertible.
Yesterday, I was investigating it and realized the sill was loose, and I could just pry it out a little bit. When I did that, I could see there was a (looked like) knob that just needed to be pushed back into the slot, so I did just that and it seemed to work as it "snapped back into the slot". However~ its out again and the whole dang thing just rattles cuz its loose.... ANNOYING!!
I've looked on you-tube to see if I could find out how to remove it so I can see what is going you know, it's a pretty scary thing because nothing is wrong with the window or auto-sill that moves when putting the top down, and I really DON'T want to take the whole dang thing apart thus causing MORE trouble.... any body else had this and discovered a simple solution?!
Thanks! ~Tina
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