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Coolant leak on right side of 2002 vw beetle engine

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There's a small leak on the driver side of my beetle. It's coming from these 2 hoses that seem to be attached to my engine that are causing the leak. What are these hoses called so I can replace them?
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You are probably talking about the hoses that go from the spherical expansion tank to the engine, one to the pipe on the front near the thermostat and the other to the throttle body on the rear of the engine. ECS carries them:

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Gates also makes replacements, but the larger chain auto parts stores don't carry them. You need to search a little to find a store.

Gates Part Locator & Interchange
This should help you identify the hose:


You could be talking about #14, the hoses to the oil cooler, but those are on the left side of the engine.
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