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Our beetle is using oil and losing coolant. I can see a bit of moisture below the crazy diverter where the temp sensor is located. Did pressure test and seemed to lose a bit of pressure - but could not see or hear any leaks. When pressurized to 20ish poounds, some fluid would escape if I wiggled the temp sensor. Is that normal? Started car and pressure would decrease slightly when revving - is that normal? There was foamy crap inside oil cap at one point, washed out and it hasn';t come back yet. OPil does not seem milky. But the leak has me stumped.

As for oil, no drips under the car. Looking from underneath I do see some oil dripping from the block onto the
EGR tube - maybe it's burning off from there? Think this c`ould be valve cover gasket or something worse? The fact that we are losing oil and coolant makes me worry about head gasket - but I would have expected pressure test to rise if that was the case. Any thoughts? I plan on taking off the intake to replace the valve cover gasket while changing plugs and wires this weekend. and maybe will find out more then. Looking for any guidance or things to look for while it;s apart.

UPDATE: Replaced the valve cover gasket which was leaking a bit, coolant flange, plugs and wires. I had previously replaced the coolant sensor - and think the replacement was bed. It just sat to loose in the flange. I picked up another one and it fits snug. Hopefully that will resolve the coolant leak. Did compression check and cylinders ran from 165-185 and held pressure. Already returned the borrowed coolant pressure test so can't recheck that.

However one new problem - speedometer has stopped working! I'm going to troll the forums now - but hoping i dislodged something. BTW anyone have a fuse diagram for this car? The card in the fusebox has bizarre pic`trures and I can';t be sure what is what. Owners manual and Chiltons also do not provide this information. Seems like some fuses are missing based on the diagram.

UPDATE 2: Speedometer sensor connector was loose - all set now. Guess we'll wait and see if the coolant level stays put!

Update 3: Looks like either the coolant flange or the sensor were causing the mystery leak. It's been several weeks and coolant level is stable. Oil consumption also seems to have decreased. Not sure if that was because the engine was running extremely hot or because i replaced the crankcase breather.
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