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Coolant Sensor Solved My Problem?

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Hi, I'm a new VW owner. I just purchased an '01 New Beetle GLS model as my first car, and of course, as all used cars do, it came with a few problems. The one of primary concern was constantly running fans.. Even when the car was dead cold, the fans would turn on as soon as I put it in ignition. I tried some troubleshooting like testing the thermal sensor which a lot of people said fixed the problem for them, but it wasn't faulty. Then after some more research on other VW cars, I found that a shorted coolant sensor was also sometimes the problem. Located the coolant sensor, disconnected it, then reconnected it and suddenly the fans aren't always on anymore. It seems this fixed the problem (took the car for a test drive on the highway while monitoring the temperature and it didn't get hotter than 99 Celsius) but I'm having a hard time believing it was that simple. Any help?
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Have you scanned the car; please post any and all trouble codes, that come up.

Here is a good thread with troubleshooting info:


yes it can be that simple , but the problem could come back later so you might want to replace that sensor since they are fairly cheap. To replace it is very simple just release the coolant pressure via the reservoir cap(not when it's hot) then leave the reservoir cap off, put some rags under the coolant hose/sensor, remove sensor clip and sensor(only a little coolant comes out), put new sensor in, clip, wire plugs and Ya done....:D...oh close the reservoir cap. happy driving
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