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Couple of issue for my "new" car...

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I recently purchased my Beetle second hand from a gentleman that kept the car in pretty good shape. However, I noticed my headlights were extremely dim, so I took the out to see what the problem was. Well the mounting rings were broken and the housing was secured with a screw. Then I looked inside both housings to find an H7 bulb just sitting in a hole where an H1 should be. Not only was it the wrong bulb, the bulbs were spliced together off of the driver side's positive leg and a temperature sensor's positive leg for the radiator. So I ordered Spec-D projector lights because they cost as much as stock and I ordered some new rings. Well everything seemed great accept there is no voltage from the positive leg for the low beam on the passenger side. That explained the terrible splice this person did. Fopr now, I spliced into the marker lamp positive and traded the 5A fuse for a 20A fuse. For now it will work, but I do not want to keep it like this.

I am wondering if this is an issue that other people have encountered and wanted to see how you fixed it or would fix it. I checked the contacts for the passenger headlamp in the fuse box and still have no voltage. Is it something in the relay panel? If so, where is it?

Also my "chime" does not work and I would like to have it working for in case of a CEL or high temp when driving.

Thanks much.
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Take a pic of the splice job, so we can see what was done. It almost sounds like someone tried to put in an HID upgrade kit.
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