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Cracked bell housing

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Replacing clutch in 2.0 5-speed. Got tranny out and discovered it has crack in bottom of bell housing. 3+ inches long. Not sure if was there or I created it. Car has 180000+ miles, so I don't want to put unnecessary money into it. Thinking of JB weld. What bad things may happen?
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Can you post some pictures? I wonder; how it got cracked? Was the car; ever wrecked? :confused:
Could have been me using bottle jacks to hold it up until I got some stronger arms to move it. Was fiddling with it for several days, but didn't ever drop it. I'll try to get some pics tomorrow and post it
If you its major damage and going to cause problems; @ 180K at used transmission, might be a good option. I don't think; you will have a problem finding one, at a junk yard.
Crack is a couple inches longer than what you see. After I cleaned it more, I was surprised


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OUCH! Thats hard to tell; if it would give you mechanical problems. I wonder; if it would possibly; weaken the structure of the trans over time and keep traveling from mechanical stress? That section of the trans case; could be repaired (welded) or just replaced with a used section of the trans case (more cost effective?). When I had my 02M apart; it wasn't too hard to remove and replace the trans halves; if you found another used trans case half. Personally, I would have a hard time putting it back in; especially, since you could probably find a perfectly good used one for cheap; at a pick 'n pull junk yard. If you can find a low milage one; it might be a blessing in disguise, as yours @ 200k is probably worn out? :confused: I guess, that is a judgement call you need to make but I would have a hard time putting that back in (unrepaired/cracked); when better used ones are cheap and easy to get (most junk yard have golfs, jettas, new beetles laying around). :cool:

PS: now that the trans is out; you might see if the clutch fork, that the throwout bearing is connected to, is bent. This is a common problem; that causes shifting problems and they also wear out over time, @ 200k it might be due. They make upgraded versions; that are welded to reinforce them to keep them from bending.


With the prices; that people want to repair/wled a trans case half/bell housing; it might be cheaper to get a whole used low mileage transmission? You could remove the bellhousing; take it to a welder and get a estimate and see what they say.


Good discussion thread; NOTE: a new/used bell housing would require the preload; to be checked and shimmed if necessary. (the cost of having a professional do this for you; would probably push you into the same amount of money; a whole used trans would be).

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I'm tempted to put it back together just to see what happens. I drilled a hole at the end of the crack(or as near as I could determine). It's an extra vehicle right now, and if I could know that nothing major would happen, I'd put it in, then JB weld the crack from the outside, and put some miles on it. Neither the heater nor the air work, so not much value except to drive it.
Well, you could be fine or you could have problems. I would go ahead and call around; see what the junk yards have and how much they charge for a used one (there are some on ebay for $350). I just wouldn't like the idea; of possibly having to pull it out again, if I could do it right the first time. Let us know; what you end up doing and how it works out.

I did a search; using this site: http://www.car-part.com/

There are some 5 speed 02J transmissions; in Michigan for as little as $99. At that price; I would just put in a used one.
I see there's one for 129 about 40 miles away-I'll call on it tomorrow-thanks for the link
just got the word that they don't really have the tranny that showed on their inventory, so I'm back to square one-can't work on it for a couple weeks anyway, so hopefully someone close will have one come in in the meantime
Bummer, well; keep us informed, as your search continues. ;)
I wouldn't think the bottle jack would do that unless you were really putting some force on it. I would swap it out if at all possible. If you can't find one then JB Weld it. I imagine the worst it could do is trash the transmission, maybe the clutch, which of course would involve tearing all that back out as you know.
Going to broaden my search-looks like other trannies, besides DZQ, with same ratios are EBP, EGT, EKG, EKH, EMS, EZK, and FBV, so may be able to locate one of them.
Any mk4 2.0 5-speed transmission should work with no problems.
yeah, but I thought I'd look first for ones that have the same gear ratios. My brother has a 2001 1.8T that we can pull out if I can't find anything else. It has same 5th gear ratio, but different 1-4.
Update. Got tranny out of my brother's car last weekend. Had to change shift linkage from my tranny, then was able to use my cherry picker and some tie-downs to lift the tranny and maneuver it into place. Got things fastened in, but still need to get things hooked up, motor mount, wiring, carb, etc. probably will have time in a couple weeks, then we'll see if everything works.
Cool, keep us informed; as you progress further! :)
Making progress but ran into problems trying to hook up axles to tranny-flange appeared to be same size when I sat trannies side by side, but haven't been able to get axle and flange bolts to line up-not sure if cv joint is smaller than than flange that bolted on in newer tranny, or if I'm just not moving things around correctly. Haven't jacked up wheel yet so that I can turn axle but wonder if drive flange in 1.8 tranny is different than one in my 2.0. Figured out parable way that bell-housing cracked. Wife drove over parking lot block and ruined radiator 5+ years ago. Looking at oil pan, I found scrapes that lined up with tab broken off bell housing, so I think that bell-housing has been cracked for quite a while. Will have to wait a couple more weeks to get under the car and play with the axles. May take the drive flanges out of the old tranny to see how things match up.
I suppose; it is possible, they are different. You might search the vw parts site and see, if the part #'s are the same. It wouldn't be surprising; if they are stronger in the 1.8T, than the 2.0.

Volkswagen National eStore
Yup, the axle shaft flange ends are different bolt spacing, so either the flanges need to be swapped between the trannys, or the matching axles have to be taken out with the donor transmission. I got the axles from my brother's car, and have one replaced. I'll get some pics posted eventually when I get it back together. Having leakage for some reason from the power steering fluid reservoir now. The joys of DIY, always something new showing up. :)
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