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Crankcase tube/hose

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What would cause my crankcase tube to partially melt and break off? I just replaced it new 2.5yr ago. It was a cheapo china part I will admit. (6A103213F)


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Very common issue: the heat and oily gasses of the crankcase deteriorates things.

There are aftermarket solutions; from metal elbows to silicone hoses, that hold up better then the stock elbow and rubber hoses. Some of the silicone hose replacements; can end up being a bit expensive and so, I chose, a combination of hoses, that I thought would last longer, while being in my budget.

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I ended up, replacing things with a combination of aftermarket hoses and stock oem parts on my 1.8T.

Exhaust & Emission : Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Hose

GATES EMH195 {#06A133240A, 06A133240G}

I found the Gates hose to be made in USA; excellent quality and has a lifetime warranty.

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I bought the elbow from FCPEURO with a lifetime warranty; got a oem part, a oem pcv valve and then, the "T" I went with a improved silicone hose, part I got from 034 Motorsports, which also makes a kit, that replaces the metal hose and the elbow with metal billet parts (base, pcv), a whole silicone hose replacement kit, for the full length of the pcv system.

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SKU: 034-101-3038

Manufacturer: 034Motorsport

Crankcase Breather Tube

Connects the oil filter adapter to the three-way valve housing
Up to VIN 8E-3-500000, split is in the 2003 model year

VW Part #06A103213F

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I found out later, that a UK based company; makes a billet base and uses a brass angle hose, to create a bulletproof option, to the failure prone stock part.

Cloud 9 Customs:


All VAG 1.8T

Other companies, make the billet adapter and the brass elbow, maybe a part you could get from your local hardware store in the plumbing dept? Some are just threaded and others are setup for AN fittings, to connect hoses to do a oil breather/catch can setup.

Billet Aluminum Breather Adapter for 1.8T

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Cool, thanks for the info and part numbers I'll have to Switch to something more sturdy. Do you have an oil catch can billymade? What exactly is it's purpose and do they really help.
I don't have a oil catch can; as people modify their engines, many stock pcv systems are said to be inadequate or a bad design to begin with.

The newer vw direct injection engines, suffer from carbon build up in the intake manifold and valves. Many believe, pcv systems, recirculating crankcase gases into the combustion chamber; are contributing, to the carbon build up problem.

Here are some videos about catch cans:

Well i don't modify my engine. If carbon buildup is the problem maybe folks can run Seafoam through it's intake and that cleans up the manifold & valves pretty good i do mine annually. You just disconnect the small hose on top of the throttle valve and hookup a clear poly tube and with vacuum the cars sucks in the Seafoam a little at a time, just do about 4-6 ounces. The hose with the yellow arrow in the this pix


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It seems to be more related to later vw engines that are direct injection designs; which sprays fuel into the cylinders and not into the intake manifold. Older engines, do not have the same problem; as intake manifold injection design, has a way of washing the valves, as the fuel travels to the combustion chamber (like our 1.8T).

Any updates on your PCV hoses and elbow? Did you go with silicone and a metal adapter, brass elbow or something else? Thanks.
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