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Crash sensors, front, where are they?

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2004 Beetle GLS 2.0L manual convertible.
Hit something on the front passenger side on the freeway. I'm concerned that it may have tripped the passenger crash sensor but since there was no one in the seat, airbag did not deploy.
Could a tripped sensor be causing it not to start? No spark, no injection signal from ECM?
Where are the front crash sensors attached? Pictures please?
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Have you scanned the car with VAG-COM?
Have you scanned the car with VAG-COM?
No. I do not have one, nor can I afford to buy at this time.

Even if I could afford a VAG-COM, based on everything I see on Amazon or eBay, is it just a cable with software? Which one would I need to get for my 04 GLS 2.0L manual ragtop if roommate was to get for me?

I have not seen the sensors but I believe they are mounted to the frame right after the metal bumper. If that was the case I believe your airbag light would be on. If no one was sitting in a particular seat and the seatbelt was not latch than the airbag would not be deployed for that seat. In Your case sounds more like some harness came loose/connection or something, how hard did you hit?

Read the thread posting below posted by PALAFOX I Believe he has the same problem you have now.
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