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CrazyJames • 1998 • Cool White • GLS

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here is a placeholder for my car thread...

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CrazyJames said:
Sorry... not on my bug..
Cool White Rocks! :wink: And you have NO FRONT PLATE! :mad: Oh the hotness of no front plate....*sigh*

Okay 'Frank', when are you going to post new pictures?! :p Of your bug of course.....:crazy:
That's better! Thank you! :wink:
bmxbugzzi said:
Yea c'mon! Bugzzi needs more white friends! :D
*sniff* I guess cream colored friends don't count :(

Hey James....:makeout: I'm typing this in bed by the way.....naked. Laptops RULE! LOL
CrazyJames said:
There... a pic for all you peeps out there ;)

Its my platinum grey NB... er dirty white NB.
Hey, that's not fair! You didn't even know it was in the pic until someone said something about it! :mad:

Graeson sure looks cute though! ;)
CrazyJames said:
Shoosh before I be too heavy handed and delete your comments, cause I am a over zealous admin blah blah blah
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAESON!!!!!!!! Ha ha I wrote it all in caps so he would hear me! :wink:
1 - 6 of 40 Posts
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