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There are many new styles of headlights available Featuring:
•1 Piece Designs
•ANGEL EYE or HALO Projectors
•Extra bright CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting)
•LED Accent - Parking lights – DLR (Daytime Running Lights)
•Choice of Housing colors – CHROME/BLACK or CLEAR or SMOKE Lens
•HID Compatible (Can replace OE HID Housings where noted)

These are lights from one vendor. NOPI has lighting products from multiple vendors and you can check them ALL out at

Here are some of the new designs from SPEC-D:

BEETLE 98-05 - - ANGEL EYE or HALO Style with LED Daytime Running Lights BLACK Inner Housing CLEAR Projector
BEETLE 98-05 - - ANGEL EYE or HALO Style with LED Daytime Running Lights CHROME Inner Housing CLEAR Projector
BEETLE 98-05 - - BLACK Inner Housing with SMOKE Lens CLEAR Projector

GO TO NOPI / SPEC-D Catalog for model specific details

Contact the salesmen below or PM me for our best deal on SPEC-D Lighting

JYD, Peppy Pepper, Rico,
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My take on these

Yes, I am aware of these lights. I have them on both my Turbo S model beetles. While nothing compares to the stock Bosch lights, these at least work. I do have many complaints about them but at the end of the day they look cool.

Should be plug and play and not a pain to wire up. (Work on that)

Should be better made, I had to reinforce the studs that the lights mount in with by putting a screw threw the middle of the nipple because the nipple simply broke off. (Cheap and bad design plain and simple)

Wish there was a way to adjust the lights on the road as most of these you can only adjust one direction. (They often point off into the air or other drivers eyes. Very hard to adjust)

In all they look at least better than my yellow faded stock lights that were in the beetle. I have wired up a euro switch so the halo and cat eyes are lit up by them selves, this looks cool at night. In all I would give these lights and all like them a major pain in the ass rating. They need to improve these lights and fix the issues with this design. They would sell more of them if they put some effort into design and function. But what should we expect from Chinese products?
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