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As much as I don't want to see it go, I think its time to put my '99 up for sale. I have owned this car since new, purchased on Jan 3rd of 1999 from Pitcairn VW (now vw of langhorne) in Langhorne, PA. Car was serviced by VW of langhorne through the warranty phase of the car, and most maintenance items were purchased from them up to the current.

I have done all of the work on the car, included the fabrication of the turbo system so I know everything about this car and can provide any and all details. I will be the first to admit that this car is showing its age, but have spent a great deal of time and effort trying to maintain what is now a 13 year old car.

If you are interested, the best is to PM me, or email me at [email protected]. I can shoot you a call to discuss the car, or better yet, set up a time for you to see it for yourself.

Asking $5,000.00 but feel free to make an offer and lets see if we can work out a deal. All items in the "Can also be included" are not included in the 5k, but can be negotiated in. I am not in a rush to sell the car, and if I don't hit the magic number, its becoming my track car.

Here is the build thread here on the .org ...

More pictures can be found on Flickr Here ... 1999 New Beetle 2.0T - a set on Flickr

Exterior -

  • Votex Front bumper w/ shaved fogs & corner indicators
  • Votex side skirts (Painted, Not Installed)
  • Votex rear bumper cover
  • Black, Concept 1 style, painted roof
  • Shaved hood emblem
  • Custom hood intake duct
  • Freedom Design rear spoiler
  • Stubby Antennae
  • Red/ Clear tailights
  • Diesel Geek "Panzer" skid plate
Interior -

  • Color matched (red) dash trim)
  • Cream Perforated Leather steering wheel
  • Cream Perforated Leather Grab Handle
  • Cream Perforated Leather Emergency Brake Handle
  • Suede headliner (with imperfections)
  • Reversed Gauge Cluster w/ stock face (large tach/ small speedo)
  • Cream Leather Interior
  • OEM waterproof floor mats
  • Auto Meter boost gauge in custom A-Pillar Pod
  • Audi TT Shift Knob
  • Turbo S Door Pins
Engine -

  • 2.0 8 Valve w/ ~ 127k
  • Timing Belt done at 105k
  • Turbonetics T3 Super60 Turbo
  • ATP Cast Turbo Manifold
  • Forge 007 Diverter Valve
  • OEM 1.8T Side Mount Intercooler
  • Polished Intake Manifold
  • Custom Polished Aluminum Piping
  • C2 Turbo Software
  • Bosch 42# Ford Racing Green Tops
  • BBM Fuel Rail with Braided fuel line and -AN Fittings.
  • V-Band throttle body
  • Tucked engine wiring harness
  • MBS Cat Back Exhaust (brand new)
  • A/C Removed (condensor still in place)
  • EVAP, EGR, Secondary Air Injection Removed
  • Battery relocated to trunk in spare tire well.
  • G60 14 lb. Flywheel
  • VR6 Clutch Disk
  • VR6 Pressure Plate
  • Brewspeed Billet Engine Mounts
  • Diesel Geek Panzer Skid Plate
Suspension -

  • JOM Blue Line Coilovers
  • Koni STR.T Dampers on Rear
  • Front Sway Removed
  • VR6/ 1.8T Front Uprights
  • VR6/ 1.8T Front Calipers
  • 11.3" Front Rotors
  • Mintex Red Box Brake Pads all around
  • BBS CH "Black Edition" Wheels 18x8.5et30 (mint)
  • 2x Michelin Pilot Sports (225/40x18)
  • 2x Riken Raptor (215/35x18)
Can Also Be Included -

  • OEM Hood (Baltik Blue)
  • OEM Rear Fenders
  • OEM Rear Bumper Cover
  • Full Rear Trailing Beam with hubs/ brakes
  • Full Rear Brake Set-up including lines.
  • All Sensors/ Plastic shrouds/ wiring removed from car
  • AC Condenser and related components
  • Secondary Air injection pump and brackets
  • 2.0 8V (AVH) Motor w/ crack oil pan
  • Full 8V (AVH) engine wiring harness
  • OEM AVH fuel injectors and rail
  • GIAC Engine Management Software (chip) for naturally aspirated use.

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true, this isn't actually an issue with the car though. Just moved into a new house and looking forward to our first child, so i'm not sure how much time I will have to spend on it. I would rather send it to a good home, and then take on a new project when I have some more free time.

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OMG!I would like that, but if I want Manual, I need my boyfriend to teach me how to drive manual with the clutch. Boy. What a beauty for 5k in affordable price.

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..... *mooshes nose up against the screen* ......

I can haz?? O_O

Yours is the ONE car I'd drive that has a tan/beige interior. I normally don't like that sort of thing, but your car is gorgeous. if I had the money, I'd certainly love to take it >_<

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Awww, another longtime Bug going away. I really am not one to talk, 'tho. :eek:

I understand. Baby! :heart: I traded my first TS in when our son got too big for the back seat. Keep in touch. And, Congrats to you and your wife for your upcoming new family member! :party:

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That Beetle has allot of nice mods done tasteful too..I could never have a light colored interior I get too greasy and funky sometimes working on cars and at work. You should see my Grand Cherokee's leather wrapped steering wheel..Good luck on the sale and congrats on the family upgrade..

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Is the GIAC software for the AEG? If it happens to be, i'd be very interested in picking that up if you'll let it go separately :)
Sorry for the delay. I am just returning from vacation. The chip is in-fact for an AEG. You would need to find a local GIAC dealer as the socket needs to be soldered in for the chip.

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Another legend! :bowdown:
I'll pass on the link to someone, but they always tell me they don't have the cash...who knows.
Good luck and welcome to fatherhood!:p I took a good 4-5 year break from the scene, but still have my toe in the water.

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Josh, I've been where you are right now. I'm 34 got two kids been there done that. In about two yrs. you're going to regret selling it. Especially for so cheap. You've got more sweat equity in it than that. It's paid for. Just tuck it away in the corner of the garage and just enjoy your kid for a while. Get it out and take it for a spin every once in a while. Trust me you'll be ok.

P.S.... Does your brother still custom wrap steering wheels? I've got a crusty GTI wheel I need done.
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