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Hello Buggies,

Much to my husband's sorrow I am a shopper. Now, when I say I am a shopper I mean I am a SHOPPER! I love to shop, it doesn't matter what for I just enjoy buying things, hunting for that special something.

So, in anticipation of getting my 2006 Gecko Green bug I've been shopping around to find the perfect accessories for him/her. Below is what I've found so far. I apologize in advance if these links temp you to buy things that make your significant other groan "Why do we need that?" :)

Air Freshener - Actually called "The Bug"

Antenna Ball - So many to choose from! I like the smiling sun one as it reminds me of how happy I am to be getting a bug.



VW Plush Daisy - A must for Beetle owners. Getting harder to find but I had luck on ebay.

Keychain - So many choices here. I had luck with ebay for getting my Burberry fix!

Ladybug Rear View Mirror Pendant - The maker of these is very nice and a 2 time former bug owner. Stay away from the Teal Ladybug auction, I saw it first!

Valve Caps - Show your VW pride!

So that's my list as of now. I'm trying to behave myself but I have a feeling that when my bug arrives I will want to run right out and buy him/her more lovely things. Still, I don't want too clutter it up with to many things...it is very stylish all on its own.

Happy Shopping!

Good-bye Curby...
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sounds like you've been bitten by the bug! glad to hear your enthusiasm and good luck with your shopping. here's a couple of places that have cool stuff:

* auto truck toys - interior and exterior accessories and parts.
* BUGSTUFF - unique accessories for the VW enthusiast.
* landspeed USA - beetle accessories.
* mid-american motorworks - all kinds of fun stuff for your beetle. great selection for old and new beetles.
* TVA (the vintage advantage) - website with all kinds of goodies for your new beetle. i've personally purchased from them and they have great customer service.
* v-accessories - interior and exterior accessories. parts as well.
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