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cv boot damage, intentional or "normal wear"..?

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Hi all, okay. kind of a strange question but...

My sisters 2006 VW beetle was recently up at a shop that tried to stick her with a huge bill, we got the car back and I am currently determining what it needs, but upon inspection I found both CV. are split cut wide open, and I've never seen CV. boots end up in this condition naturally before. if you look closely in the attached pictures, you can see on the exposed axle there are bright silver spots showing, surrounded by buildup and grime... grime... almost as if a tool had rubbed against the axle, wiping it clean in spots? there is also Greece that has been flung in all directions, I guess from the brief drive over to my place after the car was picked up.

so... and I know it's not possible to be definitive, but does this look like intentional damage to you guys? I think these folks were expecting two be billing $4, 000 on this car and maybe got a bit upset when finding out that wouldn't be the case... or maybe I'm just being paranoid...


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Good question , the way the dirt looks; it may have been that way for awhile (who knows)?

Being a 2006 New Beetle, after 17 years, it does’t surprise me; the boots are split. Regardless, it needs repaired; is it making a clicking noise yet?

Its best to stick with the oem vw GKN/Spidan/Loebro axles by replacing the whole axle or just rebuild it by replacing parts with a new cv joint kit?

Basics: year (2006), model, engine and trans type?

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With that much dirt and oil build up inside and out I would say that it's signs of that beetle has been well neglected 👎
That doesn’t look like a “fresh” split to me. Though I’ve never seen a boot split quite like that before, I don’t think it just happened recently.

If you still have original axles on that car I would reboot and replace the cv joints with quality OEM parts, I would not get a $70 chinese axle from autozone or another car parts store.

GKN is the OEM supplier of axle joints, even though idparts specializes in diesels the axle joints are the same as long as you choose the correct transmission.

Here is a diy video by FCP Euro

Here is the inner joint.

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Thank you very much for your replies friends, it just struck me as odd as a month or two back they were intact, I was underneath looking for coolant leaks and examined them briefly… no clicking noise as of yet but I assume it can’t be far off. it’s a 2006 hatchback, 2.5l petrol version.

Sad to say, but this beetle has but a scant 65k miles on it, my mom barely ever drove anywhere… but my little sister is surely making up for that, I just got the replacement oil pan in the mail yesterday.

Well, its kinda a moot point; you need to address the problem. Depending on how much work and $ is in your budget and willingness to rebuild/replace the axle, you can fix it!

If you don't want to mess with the rebuilding process, just replace the axle; you can get a whole new or rebuilt axle but will cost more, then replacing the cv joints in a kit.

So, the New Beetle is a 2006 model with a 2.5L; do you have the 09G 6 speed auto or a 5 speed manual?
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