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How-To by lewser

Dash Mats

Here's a cheap way to make some fairly decent dash mats.
I used rubber backed carpet runner from a local bargain outlet which you can find anywhere. I made a cardboard template that fit into the two upper areas and cut the carpet pieces to size. To clean up the front edges, I used the plastic clips that hold plexiglas to the masonite backing on a 16 X 20 inch poster frame. I cut them to size on two sides, but left the back open as it curves. If you want to get fancy you could possibly heat one of these clips and make it conform to the shape but I didn't feel this was necessary. I used 5 pieces of Velcro to lock it down on the two front corners and three along the back. The whole job took less than half an hour.
The shape is kind of odd, so the only dimensions I can give you is the front edge which is 20 inches wide, and the middle part is 12 1/4. The side piece under the speaker is 5 1/2 inches. They are not square angles, so be careful when measuring. As for the rear curved part, draw an arc on the cardboard template and when it looks right, then cut the carpet. This whole project cost less than $20.00, and you have a leftover piece of plexiglas and masonite for some other project.


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