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Daytona, FL. SWARM!

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The RedBull Global Rallycross race will be the weekend of August 22-23 2014 at the speedway in Daytona.

Tickets for both days will be $35.00 total for adults and $10.00 for kids. Parking for the event and the race course itself will be in the infield. Tickets will allow access into the paddock areas where we can rub elbows with the drivers and fondle the cars!

They should be running the new Rockstar/Team Andretti 544hp TSI, 4 cylinder, 4 wheel drive 2014 Beetles!

If we all show up a couple hours before the gates open we could enter and park as a whole group! It would be like our own little water cooled Beetle show! Plus with some VW swag like a flag and that cool ORG banner that was at TOD and a concentration of Beetles we might get our group shown on national television!

I called the speedway for more information today and they are swamped with stuff for the races on the fourth of July. That's where I found out there won't be any camping in the infield.

More info on the races can be found at: redbullgrc.com

This event calls to us! We must SWARM!

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Well Rats!

The best laid plans of mice and men:......

I wrote to Tanner Foust and told him of ou plans to Swarm Daytona for the Red Bull Global Rallycross race in August and that we would have quite a few Beetles there. I then asked him if the Beetles would be racing. Here is his reply:

Hey Chuck,

That sounds awesome. Unfortunately the Beetles are not expected to be racing by Daytona.

The good news is VW Motorsports is putting a lot of time in the development of them and they will be a force when unleashed!


So as it stands now, We are still going to go. I don't care if it's a Beetle now or not. I'll pay the $35.00 to watch the VW Polos kick the crap outta the Hundais and Subarus and Fords!

We will be booking our room in Daytona for Friday night in a couple days. We will let everyone know where we will be staying. Plans are still to meet in the morning and get to the race entrance at the same time so we can all park together at the track. We will have VW Flags flying and all sorts of goodies from our friendly VW dealer here in Jax (Tom Bush VW) I think some of their guys may come down with us as well. Should be an awesome weekend!

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Hotel information.....

I just made our hotel reservations for the Daytona Redbull Global Rallycross races. We are staying Friday night August 22 at the Quality Inn across the street from the race track. The room is $84.00 a night. Their phone number is (386) 255-3661.

We are going to head down on Friday morning, check in to the hotel and go to the speedway for the Friday pre-races and basic tourist gawking and driver meet and greets in the paddock area.

Saturday, time TBA, we will meet in the parking lot and go over to the speedway together so we can all park in the infield as a group. We will have some swag and flags from a local VW dealer to display where we park. (Maybe we can set something up on Friday for parking on Saturday)

Tickets for the two days are $35.00/person. Kids 6-12 get in for $10.00. That info can be found at redbullgrc.com under the events tab go to Daytona.

We are going to have a great time. Hope to see a lot of Florida folks there.
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Daytona Swarm

Just got a call from the Daytona Speedway that the gates open at 10:00 AM Friday and Saturday. It states on the tickets 8:00am.

Again the gates open 10:00AM
Great Info Vern!

Thanks for posting that Vern!

We are planning on getting down to the speedway about 0900 Friday morning. This way we can all be in line when the gates open and all park together.

After the days racing is over we will proceed to the hotel across the street and check in and go look for dinner and whatever trouble we can get into.

Saturday morning we will get up and go to breakfast then check out and head back over to the track for the 10:00am gate opening. Once the race is over we can either head back home, go to dinner in Daytona or check back in to the hotel if there is something going on in the city that we want to attend.

Either way, we are going to have a Blast!

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RedBull Daytona GRC Track

I just found a picture of the track layout for the Global Rally Cross Races in Daytona this weekend.

This is going to be a great show. I will post some fotos once we get back.



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What a weekend!

The racing was hot. The weather was hotter!

What can I say? This is the most fun I have ever had going to the races. The track was just over a mile in length and it was 70% asphalt. The dirt sections were right in front of the grandstands we were sitting in. One driver even ran 3 laps at the end of the main event on a rim! His tire exploded and they kept letting him run. And he did pretty well!

It was over 95° and we drank gallons of water and quite a bit of beer trying to stay hydrated (Won't say how much Beer on Friday!)

The crew, Jessica and Geoffrey McDaniel, Vern, Ray Darby, Nurse Diesel and yours truly had a ball. Our clothes were soaking wet from sweat, but it was OK. We were filling our hats with ice to try and keep from over heating. The races were that good!

If the RedBull GRC races are ever within a hundred miles of you location you need to go. I'll try to get my pics posted in the next couple days.

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