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Hello, I have a 2012 beetle with keyless entry. It has about 2k miles on the car. The battery went dead and I am not sure why.
I had the battery charged by a vw service person and as per the manual instructions (ie turn on the fan and defroster before unhooking the cables). Drove it for awhile to charge it up good then went away for a week and it sat.
So now the keyless entry does not work. At first the red blinking light on the door was working. After trying to access the car, it stopped. I think the battery is dead again and I can't get in. I have not yet tried to manually open the door.
Is there a procedure to go through after charging the battery to reset the electronic keyless entry?
I will probably wind having it serviced because I am not sure why the battery went dead when I did not leave anything on to drain it.
Anyway, has anyone had this happen? Any thoughts are appreciated.
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