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I just need to vent about my experience at the Dealership over the last week and a half...

Finally saved enough money to get the valve box in the transmission fixed ($1291 +tax). Called last Tuesday to make an appointment for that and to see why the check engine light just popped on.

Talked to the assistant. He said bring it in 8am Friday for the transmission fix and since I was going out of town to leave it until Monday at 8am and they would check the check engine light. I brought it in Friday - no appointment set up for then. Sure enough, he made the one for Monday, but not Friday. Since I was going out of town I just left it.

Monday afternoon I get a call that there is a spring broke inside the box (additional $300) and they need to order the part. Also check engine light was from some pipe being broke in the air flow system (additional $250) and they need to order that part. Should be done on Friday.

Friday at 2:30 pm they call - no parts. Hopefully can get it fixed on Monday. Need a loaner? YES! I needed one this week too, nice of you to finally ask.

Today, picked up the loaner. Get a call at 2:30pm. Parts have been installed, but car won't start. "We know it didn't have that problem coming in, so we'll keep trying to figure out what it is, hopefully its just a lose wire." <-- exact quote from service rep.

So here I sit, already $500 over what I planned on paying PLUS a week later than it was promised and they don't have a clue as to what is wrong with my car. I am not real happy right now. :mad:

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Moved this to the feedback forum, hope you resolve this!

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I hate this stuff... it's too late now to tell you to stay away from the Dealerships... but maybe someone else will read this and benefit from it.
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