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I bought what i think is an awesome decal today

it is 7" x 6.5" and i'm trying to figure out where it would be best put at on the car i'm thinking the back ...but where the window?, the the trunk??? any suggestions?


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OMG. As Buffy would say:

"That sticker frickin slays me!"

Definitely on the back hatch window, or the boot itself. Good times.

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Kitchen said:
lol my real last name is Kitchen....Big stretch on the screen name eh? lol
Hey, at my last job, I worked with someone who's last name was Kitchen. She was very very cool. She's one of the few people i miss.

And look, I had this on my car for like 2 months. (before it got totalled)


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On my Euro forum most of the Dub boys have that sticker on their cars. They're all over here. I know it's like a "VW" signal but you won't catch me flashing it a passing Jetta... :lol:
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