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Presenting Mateka. Brought home to the residence on February 28, 2003.

Current alterations/modifications:

  • 30% window tint
  • Rear foglight
  • European-spec badges
  • TDI badge on hatch
  • Cord no-drill spoiler
  • 17" Sunset alloys
  • Smoked clear front turn signals
  • Door handle guards
  • Splash guards
  • Billet aluminum antenna
  • Sylvania Silverstar low-beams
  • Bosch Icon aero wipers

  • Monster mats
  • Billet aluminum bud vase
  • European-spec headlight switch
  • Turbo S pedals
  • 2004 GLI steering wheel

  • Turbo S vented fender liner
  • Motul505.01 synthetic in the crank (kind of perf.?)
  • Mufflerectomy (pending)
  • Powerplus 520 nozzles (pending)



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Love, love, love that color! :p

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Des: Your car's da bomb! Especially the Sunset Wheels!
Do you have the Up Chip Yet? If not do yourself a favor and go Rocket Chip. I turned my old Up Chip and got the RC STAGE 3 Euro software...really woke the car up and alot less smoke!
And that's with PP520 injector nozzles too!
Sweet ride..especially those wheels and the color!:D

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how do those wipers work? and how much for replacements?

love both of your bugs man!
Aero wipers have the metal spring inside the rubber frame. Autozone demands $20 per, which is $10 less than the Valeo versions.

Both? :p Check the sig. Have three! :goodjob: Just need to port Milen's photos over. :cool:


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But then again, I am biased. ;)

Hey when you added the GLI SW, did it take the GLI specific airbag? I am not up to date on my airbag knowledge.:rolleyes:
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