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Disable Power windows

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Is there anyway to disable the power windows? I dont have time to fix the problem and need to drive the car, but with all the rain in the forecast i dont know what to do. The windows keep going down by themselves.
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Pull the fuse? Give me a few and I'll tell you which one it is.

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The relay panel is located under the left side of the instrument panel. Above your left shin,when you are sitting in the driver seat.

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Going to try it
Unplugged the red connector.....windows still work with key on....now what?
well i rolled them back up and they are still up....who knows
The driver door lock actuator is the problem.

You cold probably pull the unloader relay to resolve the issue while the car is parked?

There may be a larger fuse on top of the battery for the power windows that you could unbolt the wire that connects to it?

I have not looked at the wiring close, but there has to be some way to sold this in the short term.
i think i fixed it for now.....unplugged the window motor
Did you have just a single window or all windows open at the same time?

If all windows, then the door latch would be suspect, if just a single window, I would question the window switch, but the window switch should not have power when the car is turned off.

Otherwise there is some other strange problem.
both windows....but probably should have mentioned that the door lock is busted. It broke last week when all the problems started.
If the problem is the actual door lock cylinder, then this should be a relatively easy item to sort out.

The door lock cylinder comes out with removal of a single small screw in the jam.

If the lock spins with the key and does not do anything, something like this is probably what you need - VW Golf Jetta IV Beetle Door Lock Repair Kit Front Left Right from Michigan | eBay

If the door lock cylinder and linkage is good, you will need a new door latch assembly. Much more expensive and difficult to repair.
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