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Display doesn't show outside temperature.

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Hello everyone,

We have Beetle from 2012 and when we add new key we saw that "Instrument cluster" shows symbol like "1-2" in outside temperature place.
Is there any way to change it ? Had someone something like that ? My "instrumental cluster" looks like this one:

But without outside temperature. I don't see any settings in menu to set back this temp in bottom right corner.
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Here is what seems to be a usa spec; 2012 vw beetle speedo cluster photo.

Who made and programmed the new key? If you use the original key; does the problem go away?

Is this a German spec vehicle; i'm seeing, what looks to be German displayed in the speedo info area and km's for speed, celsius for temps.

Can you mark your speedo photo; specifically, what problem, you are referring to? Thanks.

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@billymade thanks for reply.

Here You have original photo from my beetle (previous was from google to show how IC looks like, but I went and I made own picture):

Second key isn't original (was created as a backup key). Beetle is from France.
No, there isn't difference - when I'm using original key or second not original and still I see this "1-2" symbol.
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Do you have the original owners manual (?); it may have speedo section, about the "info" area, symbols and their meanings.

Here is a usa spec owners manual with some information:

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No, we haven't the owners manual book for this model.
I was looking, but I couldn't find... :/
@billymade did You ever heard that Beetle MFD always on when car is closed ? It's second problem, because it is draining battery car...
Sometimes, the door lock module (typically the drivers side; which is used the most); will have a failed switch, leaving lights on and a fix, requires replacement. Then, aftermarket stereos, amps; have been a known issue and may require fixing, how the wiring was connected or use a correct plug/adapter with the stock harness.

Diagnosing, a parasitic drain; may take some work, this video might help?

Many problems, will throw a vw factory trouble code; say, for example a bad door lock module, will throw a code. If you see yourself, doing your own diagnosis and repairs, you might invest in a vw factory level scan tool. Many are not too expensive; the top tier vw specific scan tool, is vcds by ross tech, then, there is obdeleven and the many cheaper "vag" chinese knockoff scanners, sold on places like amazon.
Yes, we diagnosed this problem by this way and when all fuses was plugged, car locked etc.multimeter showed about 240-250mA... I checked many fuses and one fuse had and still has consumption about 200mA, this fuse is for only Instrumental Cluster.
I don't know, about vw of france but vw of usa, offers downloads, of some 2012 and later model owners manuals here:

A VW scan tool, like VCDS by Ross Tech; will allow you, to read any trouble codes and possibly help testing, live data, output activation, other ways to diagnose problems.

If you suspect, the speedo cluster is defective; you could remove it and have it repaired through, a specialist.

Do you have a aftermarket stereo or any other added on accessories? We haven't heard of allot of speedos failing on the later models but anything is possible.

Are you located in europe or france?
I was looking at Volkswagen Online Owner's Manuals | Official VW Digital Resources, but when I have Beetle from 2012 and i typed correct VIN i got information that VIN is incorrect. Weird o_O

Draining issue, it looks like we haven't problem with lock module or switch, because when I am closing car then lights turn off.
That website is for USA spec Volkswagens; if your car is French spec, then most likely the VIN #, would not be usable. The French VW site, says; that you can order a new user manual from VW of France but they charge you. I don't know for sure but you could download a user manual for USA spec VW's, they maybe similar but just not in French, just English.

If you have a defective part, say the speedo cluster; many times, it will throw a VW factory trouble code and a VW scan tool, would help you read these type of codes and do output testing.

Are you located in europe or france?
From beginning...
I'm from Poland.
Car was made in France and after some years he came to Poland.
When he arrived to my country, previous owner has replaced instrumental cluster (speedos), because he had some problems (so now beetle has second speedos in his live)
Probably we need to find new speedos, copy all data from old one and check if new will work fine or we will still have the same problem.

Yes, we have VCDS from AliExpress, but he does not show any errors.

Probably we can show outside temperature on MFD using VCDS, because I saw that VCDS has many options to configure display, but this case that display is still on is very tiring... we didn't use car by 2 days during winter and car was dead..
Hmm, that can be a challenge; to figure out, what is going on. Being in Poland and not having a VW of France dealer support; might be tough, to figure things out. Here, in the USA, many people; install, incorrect used parts on VW's and it causes problems. You might want to contact a VW dealers parts department, in France or Poland with your VIN number and confirm, that your speedo cluster, is the correct part number, for your particular car.

A new cluster might be a option; if it is incorrect or if correct, having the cluster repaired by a specialist. Bosch, in Germany, offers, a repair service; for various electronic modules, that might be a option? I guess, you should confirm; it is the correct part number and then, see, what the cost of repair or replace with new is?

The benefit, of having the speedo repaired; is, that no programming, would be required by a VW dealer or VW specialist, for the cluster or the immobilizer, keys adapted.

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