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This last weekend, the wife and I went on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. We visited 6 distilleries during our 2 day visit. Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Our first stop was Woodford Reserve

then on to Wild Turkey

followed by Four Roses

We spent the night in Brooks, Ky. then traveled to Heaven Hills. This is the only photo I managed to get my NB into :)

From there we traveled to Maker's Mark

then on to the last stop at Jim Beam

We collected Bung Magnets from each distillery

The bung is the stopper that is hammered into the barrel after it is filled.

And had our passports stamped

once you get your passport stamped at all the distilleries you send it in and they will send you back a t-shirt for your adventure. If you have the opportunity to be in Kentucky between Louisville and Lexington, I hope you will have the chance to check out at least one distillery.
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