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Do you pay more in insurance to have a convertible?

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I'm lookih for my first car and I want a Beetle and I like drop tops but being 18 and already having high insurance would the drop top make the insurance a lot more? Looking at the 2005-2008 convertibles.
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My Audi convertible costs $80 more per year than the sedan version of the same car.
im in the uk , it cost the same as normal beetle for me
Most companies base their premiums off of the average MSRP of the vehicle and how much the average repair is. If the convertible is more expensive, chance is, it will be more expensive than the base model to insure. Just give your provider a call and ask for a quote, they can tell you.
CrAzY money

We have a 2003 NBC that is registered and insured in my name (adult female, with many years of driving experience and an impeccable driver record). This is in the US, and the policy that I have for our vehicles has lots of discounts on them: multi-car, air-bags, alarms, "good student" discount (that's for our daughter)and a few more, etc. - with that being said, the premium for the NBC is $854 per year, with a $1000 deductible - this is for full coverage mind you. So yes, I think it is much higher than for another type of car of the same age. I drive a 2013 Ford Escape with full coverage, and that yearly premium is about the same. I called around and got a few quotes, and the $854 was the cheapest believe it or not. Of course if you are just going for basic coverage depending on the age of the car, it will be much lower. We went with the full coverage to cover us when our daughter is driving *her* car (the NBC).
yes...insurance is always higher on a convertible in the States...
My insurance was always the same when I had convertibles. It depends on the company and what not. Best to just go online and get a quote or call them and ask.
Essentially the answer to your question is "It depends", so you would want to ask your insurance company what they would charge for the types of cars you are looking at and consider that cost as part of the total cost of ownership of the car you're looking at.

Also consider possible repair costs (convertible tops don't last forever and aren't cheap to replace). Some makes and models have "routine maintenance" that is somewhat expensive, like replacing the timing belt on a car that has one (like the 2.0 liter engine in our '05 New Beetle Convertible).

Lots of things contribute to the total cost of ownership. Be wary and do your homework before purchasing a used car. Also, before you buy any used car, it's a good idea to have a trusted independent mechanic look over the car. Yes, it will cost you a bit of money to do this, but it is worth it in the long run, because you'll know ahead of time what your upcoming repair bills might be.
My insurance was always the same when I had convertibles. It depends on the company and what not. Best to just go online and get a quote or call them and ask.
I agree. I too thought the convertible would be higher. I have State Farm and asked them to quote insurance on three cars; two convertibles and one coupe. I provided actual VINs for all three. All three were the same year and similarly equipped cars other than the convertible. Surprisingly the convertibles were both $40 cheaper every 6 months.
Yes you normally do, I work for a major insurance company in the US. The reason is because the risk factors in driving a car with a removable top, higher risk for bodily injury no top or just a cloth top not much protection in a rollover, higher risk for objects flying out your car, easier for someone to steal or break into Tjings like that.
I Just swapped over from insuring a 97 Pontiac Grand Am SE w/2.4L engine to a 2005 Beetle Convertible 2.0L, added $500 deductible comprehensive & $500 deductible collision (had neither on the grand am)and the price went up $10 per month.
My boy is 18. He wanted a car, so I bought him one for his birthday. A convertible, of course. But then there was a lot of problems with insurance companies. I had no idea, what to do, but then I've just found out. My friend Mark sent me this https://www.americaninsurance.com/what-passive-restraint-discount . You see, you can have a discount, if your car has passive restraint. Airbags and other stuff. Also, you can add your insurance to one of your parent's policy. With both of it, it will be much cheaper. And one more thing - try to search for several proposals from different companies - I think, you will find insurance you can afford.
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