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Do you want some bacon??

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I saw your post, but it's all kinds of wrong. I am guessing others thought the same thing. Ack!

Can you explain the "joke" part of it?

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it's all kinds of wrong.
Uhmmm, that is the joke. Its supposed to just make you go wtf.

My questions are why is he in bed with 15 packages of bacon?
Why is he naked?
In bed, really?
Does he think that looks sexy?
Why did he post that on the internet?
Those bacon packages have "managers special" stickers on them, is he really gonna eat all that bacon before it expires soon?

Remind me to never have breakfast at this guys house.

Why did I look at that picture long enough to notice all that?

From your resident "why!?!?!?!?!?" expert, that's all I got. Maybe I should just revive the lulz thread.
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