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does anybody know the difference between 02-03 turbo s

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like the title says does anybody know the difference between a 2002 and a 2003 turbo s beetle? I used to have a 03 and i just got a 02. from what I can see the headrests are different, my 02 doesnt seem to have day sensing headlights, and the center console is different. technically what else is different?
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I've owned two Turbo S's, a bought new 2002, and a bought used 2003.

In my case, both were identical. Bear with me!

2002 was the first year, and some early build ones have the donut headrests. Later build, like the one I had, have the solid.

Now, for 2003, some early build 2003s, (like my 2003) were identical to 2002s.

Mid-2003s (all models) then have the integrated mirror turn signals, and no longer have the marker under the mirror.

I hope this helps!
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mirrors have flashers in the 2003.5

the headrest went from the doughnut style to the solid type

the center console went from the flip up style to the solid

center console now houses the cd changer instead of the rear hatch

thats all i can think of right now. i went from a 2003.5 to a 2002. i miss the center console and the mirrors with the flashers. i swapped head rests at SOWO with jennybeaver cause i liked the solid ones.

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thanks for the replys. I had forgot about the mirror turn signals lol. I liked those too. im interested in changing out my donut headrests too. is sowo a website or a store?
Its a VW/Audi show in Georgia every May.
My TS 2003.5 has the flip up console with no CD player
wow that video made me feel old lol. well thanks for filling me in. im gonna look thru some local vw junkyards and see if I can find them locally cheap.
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