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Does the side window from new beetle fit the new beetle convertible?

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As in the question. I wonder because I have to replace it and hatchback windows are more accessible.
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Which window; are you referring to? You could search on the VW parts site and see, if the part #'s are the same.

for example: for a 2003 New Beetle: the convertible and coup/hard top are different part #'s: "A" vs. "D"

Door Glass
Left.Convertible. Left.VW.

(Current price)$190.00

Door Glass
Door glass. Front Left. Left.Coupe. Left.Volkswagen.

(Current price)$191.67
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No convertible windows don’t fit hard tops. Neither door or side
Is going to a dealership her best bet? I’m also thinking about trying to fix it myself because it doesn’t seem difficult. If I fix it myself does anyone have recommendations for a brand to go with? There are a lot out Kodi there
You might call around to some auto glass shops; price the cost of new, then through vw and finally, maybe, a good used genuine vw glass, from a local junkyard, could be your most cost effective option.
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