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Did a TB, tensioner and WP today.
Everyone was right, the motor mount was a pain!
But it does not have to be.
Here is what I found will work.
After taking off the mount piece mounted to the body don't
Take off the part mounted to the engine right away.
Instead at this point remove ALL timing covers first.
After the covers are removed, then remove the 3 bolts
for the motor side mount. Then jack up the engine as
High as you can get it. The mount will come out very
Easily with a little maneuvering and then drop out the bottom.
When reassembling, after all the timing belt stuff is in place, the first thing
to mount is that motor mount piece and then the covers.
This worked like a dream!
I hope others will find this useful when doing their TB.
It will save you a lot of time!

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Oh man... Wish I'd had this hint a week ago when I did my TB job! That sounds like it would have saved me a fair amount of frustration... I'll be jotting this addition on my printed copy of the VWvortex writeup for AEG timing belt DIY.

My own addition to this is to watch the middle timing cover when reinstalling. After finishing the whole timing belt job, I gained a new clicking/rubbing sound from the timing area. The Cheat posted a while back that sometimes folks mis-install the middle cover, resulting in rattles. This turned out to be me... :)

i had managed to get the top-right corner of the middle timing cover slid inside instead if outside the adjoining tab it meets, which resulted in the cover corner protruding away from the block enough to rub against the serp tensioner pulley after everything was back together. Fairly easy to fix, but would have been easier to just check it closer when I was reinstalling it... :D
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