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first time posting here. Please be gentle!

My partner has a beetle. 2014 diesel hard top. It failed its controle technique (equivalent of MoT) due to the foglights being out of action (both of the back lights, so I assume a fuse) and the passenger side mirror not being able to fold automatically (after someone cycled into it).

I removed the door panel to get access to the side mirror retaining bolt and duly removed the side mirror. no trauma there (although interestingly the pop fasteners remained in the door frame and were challenging to pop out).

I have not been able to dismantle the whole mirror assembly in order to repair the motor and folding assembly. My guess is that either some plastic bit has snapped (in which case I can make another) or the assembly has come off a spring mount. I've not been able to find an exploded diagramme to see how it is put together. I can hear the locking mechanism in that door clunk when I use the plip key; if that is useful diagnostically.

Any hints on this? Are these throw away items or is there a repair/disassembly method?

It's the model variant with the indicator light along the whole back side of the wing-mirror cover.

More worrying however, is that when I put back the door panel (which was a job in itself, it really didn't like fitting back in snuggly and one of the screws in the door handle flat refused to rethread itself. i had to retap the hole in the end.) the car door refuses to latch closed. all the electric connections are fine up to their sockets in the door and I have not actually touched the door other than to remove the panel (I didn't need to remove the door release or the window switch - nothing under tension as I just rested the panel against the door for a few minutes). The only electric clip I undid was the cable from the door to the wing mirror. Came out easily with no tension/yanking.

when the door is pushed closed the car recognises the position and the windows close. but the lock never actually latches. So it is undrivable.

Any hints on this second problem would save a lot of severe blushes on my part ...

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