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door lock and hazard ghost

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I'll be driving along and my door locks spaz out and the hazard arrows in the speedometer flash at the same time. This comes and goes. I tey opening and closing the doors thinking that might be the issues but it doesnt affect it, any thoughts on the ghost in the machine here?
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I was just out driving it and noticed that it doesn't lock the drivers door at the speed that trips the locks. Sometimes it locks the passenger door but never the driver side. Perhaps the spazmatic attempt to lock the drivers door is the problem
I had a similar issue; in my case, the door lock/unlock switch was failing/grounding out. I replaced it with a new one and the problem went away; it threw a code, so it was obvious what the problem was. If you have vw specific scanner; scan the car for codes, you most likely will have a thrown code for the problem.

There could be a issue with the wiring; common problem, is wiring that is in the accordion looking rubber protector (from body to door); will crack and short out. This is from being bent from opening/closing the doors so many times, over the years.

Hazard arrow; I don't know what that would be, sometimes the signal switch (stalk) will ground out and fail, possibly causing blinker issues... again scan for codes. Let us know what the codes are...
It's funny. I just looked out the bedroom window in the pitch dark and there it was a random flash of the four ways and I know the door lock is trying to lock on its own but can't . Strange to see your car trying to become self aware lol !
Off the top of my head, I would check the following ...

1) Relay(s)
2) Flasher Switch
3) Ignition Switch
4) Door Lock Control Module(s)
5) Convenience Control Module
6) Trace the wiring

And getting it scanned as billymade suggested will help to narrow down the list.

In cases of "Self-Awareness" you are SOL ... ;)
I can get it to stop its spasm by 1) turning on the hazards for about three seconds or 2) holding down the driver door lock pin until it locks. On my other bug , when I got it, it had a wonkie turn signal that would work and stop and was intermittent - first thought would be the signal switch but it wasn't - that was the Hazard switch. There is a lot of things that run through that bastard. I'm going to switch that out first as it is simpler to get at that vs a door lock, stay tuned
VW Door Lock Control Module Fix Repair, Simple Easy Repair - YouTube

Failing that?

The Atlantic Paranormal Society

(sorry, couldn't resist...probably should have) :p

All bad jokes aside. If you need a drivers door lock assy? And I can not say 100% if it's in good shape or not? I've got one from a pick'n pull yard sitting under my desk with other misc spare parts. (I've actually 2 of them for our beetle for spares. The pick'n pull yard cost is pretty cheap for the part)

Just in case the issue is your door lock assy--and you can't repair the solder joints and such. With everything else getting 'odd' with the car? I'd start with the door lock electronics- It's a known fail point. Everything else? :confused: But gotta start somewhere.

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Very interesting, I may be doing this as the driver door never locks on its own, something is wrong in that unit for sure. I switched out the hazard switch today and so far the ghost is being quiet, we'll see
Let us know how it works out. If you need a hand with the door lock itself? I've got two spares. (Wish PA was a lot closer. I'd offer to give ya a hand)

So an update on this , after switching out the hazard switch the ghost reappeared a day later. A few days ago the bug had a lock/hazard seizures on the way to work and on the way home , it would lock and unlock the passenger door, never locks the driver door and continued to try while the hazard lights flashed. Anyway I got home and went to the Bentley for schematics and tracked the driver door lock module to fuse 38 and while it played poltergeist I. The driveway I yanked it and it was gone. However later I went to drive the car and you need this fuse in place to start the car. It behaved all night and the next morning , after work the ghost returned. At home I pulled the fuse and today so far the ghost is gone. The Control Module must store some info on the door status I'm thinking and pulling the power must reset it?
Totally oddball this one. The door latch itself only has the board for some switches and the lock motor for the unlock/lock bar. I'm starting to suspect there's either a wiring issue or a cold solder joint/damaged component in the door module itself.

This is all guess work of course, maybe others that know more about the modules and their behavior can add more data.

I'll change the whole assembly when I can get to the u pull it yard next. I have a few bits to hunt down as its throwing a code that I believe to be related to the wrong gas cap
Do you have access to a vw specific scanner/code reader? You would be amazed; at the vw specific codes, that can pop up for electrical gremlins! As I mentioned before; when my unlock buttons started freaking out by themselves, I got a "short to ground" code for my passenger side lock/unlocking switch and the issue was resolved, when I replaced it with a new one. Get yourself a vs450 on amazon; if you don't have any but a generic obdII scanner, at the bar minimum or step up to the ross tech vcds, for a vw factory level scan tool.
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