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Door lock/anti theft/auto lock problems Help please

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I bought my 2001 Beetle used and the drivers side door lock switch was in bad physical condition so I replaced it with a switch from another 01 Beetle, when I did that the doors lock but when I lock it with the key the horn no longer does that short beep so, I ordered the expensive new part now the horn no longer does the short beep and the locks do not automatically lock when the car goes over 10 MPH. What else can my problem be? I can lock and unlock the doors with the switch and was told the switch is not defective so no refund of course. IS there a test I can do with a VOM or something or is the security system cooked?
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Going through this same malfunction with ours (also newly purchased).

-Make sure there are no broken wires in the rubber boot that you see spanning from the door to the body. Common place for the wires to break.

-The driver's door power window motor has a computer in it that controls the alarm system. That has to talk to the door latch assembly and to the Convenience Control Module (CCM) located in the dash, straight in from the end of the turn signal stalk. If the circuit board in that power window motor assembly is bad, you'll have an alarm system that won't work, along with other issues like no power mirror function, no power window function from the driver's door switches, etc.

I wish I could give you more certain details, but I haven't fixed ours yet (no time to work on it) so I can't say definitively what to do.
Mine has manual windows so no power window motor
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