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We've just moved to America, having had (and loved) a beetle in the UK. As soon as we arrived we looked around for a used beetle over here, and thought we had found a good deal - a 2004 GLS.

Unfortunately, while we were test driving it, we didn't test the seat flip mechanism.

Now we have got it home to discover that the driver seat won't flip forward. When I pull the lever up near the 'shoulder' of the seat, I can hear the mechanism working, and one side of the seat (near the centre of the car) feels like it releases, but the other side doesn't.

Looking at the passenger seat, it looks like there is a spring on each side that pulls a lever to release. The only problem is, I can only access this spring once the seat has flipped

How can I fix the mechanism on the driver seat, when I can't get to the spring because it hasn't flipped up yet?

I hope somebody out there can help, because in my experience from the UK, I don't want to have to take it into a VW dealer - every time we did that we ended up paying a lot!
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