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Driver window wont roll down and other issues

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I have searched, on this forum, and googled my issue. I have yet to find a definitive answer to my issues. The driver-side window will not do anything. The other three windows only roll down even when pulling the master switch to try to roll the passenger windows up. Instead, they roll down and will not come back up. It I use the switch that conrols all the windows at once they will roll up. Also, the power rearview mirrors arent working. I bought a VCDS and ran a scan which I have attached. What are your alls thoughts on what it might be also where are the best places to buy parts? The parts I have found have been pretty expensive so I don't want to just throw a part at it. Thanks


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I discovered - - thanks to a couple of very good mechanics at a VW Dealer was ... the window module is connected to the window motor. The problem I had was similar to your issues. One of the Techs said they would put in a Pw motor but once they put it in, I would own the motor. I went to my local Pull a Part yard and by luck they had a 2004 2.0L beetle convertible. I put it into my car, and knock on wood .. we have driven the car approx 3K miles and everything works great.

Good Luck

Wifes car is 2005 1.8L convertible, i
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