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Hello all,
I am posting this hoping it may help someone with the same symptoms in there mk4 beetle.
Reciently i started having a problem where my remote for the drivers door would not work, but the key would unlock both the passengers and drivers door. The windows would only work for a min or two if i unplugged the wire harness or battery and the mrrors would not work at all. The interior dome lights would not come on when the drivers door opened but the door puddle light would. The interior switches all lit up, and the key the door would lower and raise the windows and lock and unlock the doors.
Well after researching and testing and inquiring and reading the bently manual and wiring schematics and changing out a fiew parts I had from another beetle, I changed the wire harness and descovered there was a break in the wiring. So i pulled the harness out of the rubber door jam back into the door and shazam! A broken pair of 22 guage twizted pair of wires, yellow and yellow with a green stripe. All these problem for 2 tiny little wires. I soldered them back togeather and everything works propely once again. So to all my beetle brothers and sisters out there...apparently the smallest broken wires can cause alot of problems.
good luck if your having problems, its frustrating but very rewarding when you figure out the problem.
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