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Driver's side door doesn't close

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So, when I bought my 2000 beetle used, the key did not have a fob , just the key part and a valet key. the drivers side door does not lock, the lock seems all spongy when you try to lock it.... WHICH I do not attempt any more. The key goes into the lock but the lock doesn't turn. Since I live in rural america where we don't worry about locking things, this hasn't' worried me so far, but now my door won't latch or stay closed.

This is now a problem because I need to get it inspected and it won't close. A mechanic friend suggested I might want to just get another door from a junkyard because the process of pulling apart these doors and replacing the latches is that big of a PITA.

Any suggestions? It started in the winter and I assumed it was a lock freezing up, but now it doesn't shut at all ever.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Replacing the door latch is not too difficult, probably easier that replacing the whole door. See the linked pages in this post:


You may only need to free up the mechanism and lubricate it.
further question

so how do I tell if I need to replace the door lock cylinder mechanism also, or is it just a good idea to replace both to be safe? :confused:
When you say it doesn't latch, is it pulling in as far as it should but not staying closed or are you not able to pull it far enough because of an interference?

Try using some lock lube on the cylinder. It is possible that someone has replaced the ignition switch in the past so the ignition key and the door key are not the same.

Have you been able to use the power locks from the switch inside the car?
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