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Driver's side window

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I just bought a 2004 VW Beetle Convertible. Whenever you open a door, the windows are supposed to lower 1 inch to protect the soft top. They're supposed to go up again when you close the door. So, whenever I unlock my car, the windows roll down an inch in preparation for the doors to open. Obviously everyone here who has a convertible would know that. Anyway, the passenger window does this without any problem, but I think the driver's side window is messing up. When I unlock the car, the driver's window rolls down an inch for about 3 seconds, then goes back up. When I open the door, it doesn't ever roll down. So, when I close the door, the window gets stuck on the soft top. Am I doing something wrong? How can I fix this?
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your problem is in the door lock electronics. You will need to repair ( cold solder joints on the micro switches inside the mechanism) or replace the module. The drivers side usually developes the problem 1st because it is used most.
You can also try the window reset.
My daughters car was doing the same thing but on the passenger side.

Use your key to lower all the windows. once lowered hold the key in that position for 3 sec.
Do the same for rolling up the windows...hold key for 3 sec
Down and up once more.

Now try it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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