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Driver's side wiring harness

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Hello, I am a first time poster so be gentle with me. I am searching for the part number for the driver's side door wiring harness for my daughter's '05 convertible GLS. I have several issues with windows, door locks, and I believe battery drain caused by either damaged harness or bad CCM. I have look on many VW parts sites and I have either missed it or it is not there. Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance.
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I hope someone comes along with the answer. I searched parts.vw.com and couldn't find anything close. Only harness they list is the main harness. I would hope the door wiring isn't connected the main engine harness.

In the mean time, have you closely inspected the wires going through the door duct? Those are known to get weak and break over time after many many door open/close cycles. You may save yourself some money by first visually inspecting those wires and then ringing them out with a meter. You may find it's a small enough issue that a quick cut, solder and heat shrink job may fix.
Sometimes, you need to contact a vw dealer with your vin number and see, if the harness is still avaialble for order, otherwise repair or get a good used replacement part, is another option. While online catalogs can be helpful; sometimes, yoi need a professional vw parts person with access to VW's ETKA, to help you get the correct parts you need.

There are also, automotive wiring harness speciality shops; that can reproduce, rebuild or repair your existing harness, i don't know how cost effective that would be but you could ask for a estimate.


For harness damage, vw offers, repair wires with factory crimped terminals, new replacement plugs, etc. and you should be able to successfully, repair typical wiring problems.

If you want to learn correct vw factory repair standards and techniques, down load the VW wiring repair self study program for more info.
Wiring Harness Inspection & Repair – Self-Study Program Course Number 871003
Examples of online versions of VW's ETKA parts catalog:

Prolly easier to start with some basic testing.

I dont know what they think about all day, but these cars suffer from a lot of battery drain on a good day. So going right to the door may not be the solution your looking for, and thats a lot of wiring to dig out of your car.

I would measure battery drain while the car is idle. Just from the battery to the whole car. Then you can disassemble the door card and disconnect all the switches and wires. This seems like a pain, but once you get used to doing it can be done in just a few minutes. Access to all the switches other than the door lock is fairly easy. The door lock is more involved.. but you're going to have to do that anyway if your replacing all the wires in your original plan, so nothing lost here.

I would doubt a little bit that the lock is the problem. That is a frequent fail part, but its a microswitch that fails open from repeated mashing, not closed.

At any rate once you get some or all of these things diconnected you can retest the battery drain and see if you've reduced it.
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Great info everyone.

billymade, thanks for the wiring repair manual, a lot of good info there.

I found a wiring diagram that I believe covers my daughter's car and I did a continuity check on the wires going to the door from the CCM and they seemed good. I do need to access the wiring where the door meets the body to inspect them. On the to do list this weekend.

mystix, I am not familiar on how to do load test or what equipment I would need. Do you know of a good site that can help with this?
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