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Help, I've got a 98 new Beetle. Purchased for my granddaughter. It has 85K miles, 5 speed.
I've replaced the timing belt / water pump.
Then while still in the shop a no start situation got me to replace the battery, then fuel pump.
I drive 2 miles from the shop on way home, the bug got hot. The cooling fans aren't working right. This got the electric fans and the two thermal switches replaced.
In short a money pit.
I feel like it's all sorted out finally. (I've drove it some 150 miles.)
Me not paying attention... I drive it off a curb in my driveway. To a tremendous "thunk"! I knock a 6 x 3 in. hole in the oil pan. I drive it some 5 miles before realizing the "magic genie" light on the dash dosen't give me 3 wishes.
My mechanic replaced the oil pan. (He's used a majority of OEM VW parts as "he doesn't really trust aftermarket parts")
Now the oil light comes on after starting, it will go off if you race the engine.
He's thinking an overhaul.
I suggested a used engine, he said it's my $$$.
I asked about just dropping pan and put in new bearings?
He said, "he wouldn't trust it and it probably will have head / valve issues.
My question "anyone have any luck putting in new rod bearings?
I'm thinking of unloading / recouping some $ and starting with another car for her.
Sorry so long, my 1st VW since a 77 Rabbit!
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