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Dubs on the boards sept 6th wildwood nj

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This was a great event held in Wildwood NJ's famous Boardwalk there were about 250 cars all VW's some Audi's and I think one or two Porsche's overall a good time had by all...met alot of amazing people and I took First Place for the 1999 + New Beetles
Modified class, not bad for my second car show with this build...
Here are some pictures...

WILDWOOD DUBS ON THE BOARDS 2014 Slideshow by MARKHALPIN | Photobucket
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Nice job on bringing home the gold.
Whats the chance of you attending H20?
I am getting a Beetle gtg worked up so I hope you show up to hangout with us.
Next year I'm doing this show. I've talked about it for years but never attended.

Its 3 1/2 to 4 hrs from me would require a few days off from work and in busy season w/post office (main income) i cant miss that many days...would love to go though.

At DOTB there were only a few Beetles in the 1999 + category. there was a lady bug beetle which should have been in extreme mods category, there was a 2012 blue turbo like mine in the modified category which looked stock, just a stripe with the hood and trunk hatch down and there was a blue 2002 which was lowered w/ aftermarket rims, removable steering wheel and dash paint and that was listed as stock.

People need to learn how to classify themselves, or at least be honest.
Marc did a top notch job running the show, but its hard as hell to police the entries and classify them, durring the awards someone manned up and gave their trophy back because they listed themselves under the wrong category, it was righteous of him in my eyes....
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I know the ladybug car, and she does a real nice job of presenting her car. That's the thing with the bigger shows. People are not sure where to place the car for judging. I walked away from showing my car for years because most of the time the judges new next to nothing about Beetles. They were asking me what was stock and what was not.
H20 is a pretty big show, and this will be the first Beetle gtg in years. I am hoping for a decent turnout.
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