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Easy & Cheap stuck gas door solution

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When I got my 2001 Beetle last fall, the previous owner left me almost no gas. I had to use the key to pry the door open. Fortunately, it left no marks. So, my first priority was to fix it - that is until I found out what the parts cost and the labor involved. Hmm. Long ago, I owned a Fiat Spider and remember that the gas door had a little lift handle. Perfect! Apologies for not shooting this as I went along, but I'm sure you'll get the idea.

1. Buy an old Fiat Spider gas door on eBay for around $25.


2. Remove the little lift handle.


3. Use the Fiat gas door minus the lift handle as template and carefully drill appropriately sized holes in your Beelte gas door.


4. Attach the lift handle to your Beetle gas door.


5. Remove the clip that holds the release cable in place and tuck it into the hole.


6. Buy yourself a locking cap, install it, and close your Beetle gas door. Voila! A less than $50 solution!



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Or you can reach into the tail light access cover and unclip the spring loaded cable from the fuel door, 2 minutes and no tools needed.
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