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12 October 2005
Economic framework for production of new model in Emden established

Wolfsburg / Emden, 12 October 2005 - Plant management, Works Council and the IG Metall trade union have created the economic conditions for the production of a new vehicle in Emden. Annual savings at Emden of some 80 million Euro have been achieved in the context of the present collective bargaining arrangements. The Volkswagen brand Board of Management therefore decided today to begin production at Emden in 2008. The vehicle concerned is a top mid-class segment model. Model specifications will be announced at a later date.

On 26 September 2005, the Board of Management signalled its willingness to build a new model in Emden following negotiations with the General Works Council and IG Metall. However, this investment depended on the plant management and Works Council establishing the conditions for economically viable production. Those conditions have now been successfully created.

The agreement is valid for the entire plant and phased implementation will begin immediately. Key points of the agreement are as follows:

  • The 28.8-hour week will continue in force for present employees, but will be spread over five working days rather than four, resulting in fewer breaks and shift allowances as well as the uncoupling of shifts
  • Some mini-breaks will be abolished
  • The Volkswagen subsidiary AutoVision will optimise selected logistic activities in its capacity as a personnel service provider.
  • Assembly times will be reduced, and there will be leaner structures in administration and management.

Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, Chairman of the Volkswagen brand Board of Management, said: “Our German sites must also produce at export-oriented prices. The Emden agreement is another important step towards strengthening our competitiveness.”
Peter Jacobs, Works Council Chairman at the Emden plant, commented: “Production of a new model in Germany can also make economic sense in the framework of the Volkswagen company agreement. This confirms that the job security anchored in the collective agreement is not just theory.”

Volkswagen currently produces some 200,000 Passat a year in Emden. With today’s decision, a new model range will be added to the Emden plant from 2008.

source: Volkswagen AG


Because this ought to start a lot of speculative comments, and the details are still very rough on this new "top mid-class segment model", we'll discuss this article at Rumors & Insights. Discuss this article here
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