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The key you are getting for $240 is likely not a (3 button) FOB key...and is just a (single button) transponder 'valet' key.

I got a price of $244 today for one of these today from Ballarat VW...and they want $532.40 for a full 3 button FOB key.

Bendigo VW normally charge $185 to program a key...so they are doing you a big (probably one time) favour there.

So if I wanted to buy a 3 button FOB key for my Beetle today from Ballarat VW for $532.40...then take it to
Bendigo VW for programming and paid regular price of $185.00 - then that would cost me $717.40.
The key from Echuca Locksmiths is an aftermarket (good quality) 3 button FOB key...and for $270 is cut and
programmed - ready to use.

By the way...Ballarat VW charge close to $100 to program a key - but even still after buying a 3 button FOB key from
them and getting them to program it...you're still at over $600.

So as you can see...Echuca Locksmiths can get you sorted for a 3 button FOB key for under half the price of
what your local VW dealer can.

Echuca Locksmiths aren't the only ones though...and Locksmiths all throughout Victoria will also be able help you
similarly if you spend some time finding the right shops.

For example...One near me gave me a price yesterday of $250 for a cut and programmed aftermarket 3 button
FOB key - and they even had a selection casing colours I could choose from for it.

Just remember though...not all locksmiths program keys...plus not all locksmiths that can program car keys
are able to do AUDI/VW keys - and you'll typically need to search around via internet and telephone to
find the ones that do what you need.

Hopefully some helpful information for you in the future if ever need another key.

All the best! :)

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Its a 3 button FOB key I'm getting
Then you got lucky this one time - and someone in the VW spare parts has either done you a favour, or made a mistake...as when I spoke to Ballarat VW today, the 3 button key FOB is $532.40...and the only key for around $240 is a one button more basic type key.

I checked with another VW dealer in my area as well...who told me that the 3 button type FOB key is $532.
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